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twisted acres.jpg

Twisted Acres Farm

Twisted Acres is a Veteran owned farm in which I am honored to help out. This simple & elegant design gave all they need for their Goat Milk operation which includes various products. 

Our Stuff: Logo, Website, Most of the Photos, Various Marketing Materials

aspire academy.jpg

Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy became as the original Aspire Group (below) needed to split its services. Academy is a more mature and interactive site than it's sister-site. 

Our Stuff: Website, Ads, Photos,  Forms, other Marketing Materials 

aspire group.jpg

The Aspire Group

My pride and joy in Website Design right here. It boasts 80+ pages and uses a wide variety of options from Calendars to Sign Up Forms. There is a backdoor where only approved users can log in and look at group information. There are payment and ordering options along with videos and photos of the group for Marketing Purposes. 

Our Stuff: Website, Ads, Some Photos, Some Forms, other Marketing Materials 

tulsa homeschool.jpg

Tulsa Homeschool

This website was born out of an intense desire to serve the Homeschool Community. It mostly utilizes lists, grids, and buttons over 57 pages in order to easily navigate the different local class or school options.


Our Stuff: Logo, Website, Ads, Some Photos 

Website Not Active


I created The Oklahoma Association of Science & Technology's original website as a gift to their beginnings. It didn't take long for them to find another path that would work long term (parent design rather than professional). 


Our Stuff: Logo, Website, Ads

Website Not Active
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